Sunday, October 24, 2010


You know I have been asking myself this question so much lately.  Why is the sky blue, why do rainbows happen only after rain, why do somethings happen to some people and not others? I'm sure you are probably wondering what any of this has to do with life but it has a very huge significance.  There are rainbows after rain, because in order to have beauty you have to have pain.  God gives us all trials, some are in different ways and some hit us harder than others, but he will never push us harder that he knows we cant handle.  I have been told numerous times since i have been here that I am different from many other girls. I dont know what makes me that way? Whether its my personality or just the way I treat people I really dont know? This is one thing that has me quite baffled. Moving to Wyoming for this temporary time has been a very great experience for me.  It has been filled with hard trying times as well as some very sad and lonely times, but those times have meant the most to me and have impacted me the most! I have grown so much in spirit as well as self confidence wise.  I never knew that something like college could change someone so much but it really has done for me! I'm more willing to go out and serve and be that example in Gods church.  I am more willing to be the best I can be and always give my best! I am a proud daughter of God and I'm gonna strive to be the best I can be so when I go home to Him, he will tell me that He is happy with me. 
I still dont know why somethings happen but I feel that one day things will all come together and I will understand why things happen the way they do!