Wednesday, September 29, 2010

wow its been a while

Sorry it has been so long since I last wrote.  Anyways this last weekend we went to Cour d' Alene Idaho, must I say that is the most beautiful place I have ever been! I want to go back there so badly just to see the beauty.  We played two teams while we were there.  We lost the first game but it was a great game, we just didn't step it up until the second half.  Then our second game we played went alot better! We won that game even though we only had one girl that could sub in that game, due to injuries the day before.  Both of these games I got to play the full 90 minutes! It was pretty awesome, and I actually was in way better shape than I thought I was, because I wasn't completely worn out once the game was over.  Our next game was yesterday Tuesday September 28. It was a home game, and wow it was a great game!! We came out kind of weak but then became really strong.  The second half we kicked butt, then the other team came back and tied up the score.  We went into double overtime, and a stupid mistake in the defensive line brought us a loss.  This was another game that I got to play the full 105 minutes (90 minutes plus overtime).  It was a great game and I had alot of great saves.  I even assisted a goal which was pretty amazing!!
Life has been going a little bit more smoothly but it still kickes me in the butt most the time.  Its so hard being away from home and being away from every one I love.  This has been an amazing experience and I wouldn't change it for the world, I just wish somethings could happen differently sometimes and that God would give me a glass ball showing me what I'm going to do with life.  It would surely make things so much easier.  I never ever would have thought I would be going to Wyoming to play soccer for a college team, but I have done it, If I can do it I know anyone can! I'm so excited that I get to go home this weekend for my birthday, it is a very well needed vacation. 
Anyways thanx everyone for your love and support! It helps more than you could ever imagine! I'm so greatful for all the friends and family I have that do support me and that do tell me I can do it.  It would have been so easy for me to just give up and stop trying, but then I wouldn't become as strong as I am today, I wouldn't know God for who he truely is, and I would always be second guessing myself wondering if I really made the right decision. 
I'll try and keep this more up to date and try and keep everyone more informed.  Thanx again everyone! I love you all so much!!