Saturday, September 20, 2014

Addilee Mae Allred

Well now that my little one is already 2 months old I guess I better introduce her and tell her birth story.
It all started the week before Kennedy's first birthday.  I thought that I might be pregnant so I went and took the test.  After I took the test and saw it was positive I told Kennedy to go wake up daddy and tell him that you are going to be a big sister! Of course she didn't know what this consisted of, but Davy certainly did! We were both so excited and couldn't wait! Being pregnant is one of my favorite times.  I love feeling the little movements and the little hiccups (which she had A LOT of!).  Its just such an amazing time, knowing that my body is supporting me as well as a beautiful little being that rely's on me entirely! Addi was stubborn from the beginning though.  At my 20 week appointment we were able to see her gender, but she wouldn't let us see the chambers to her heart.  Which is one thing they really like to look at.  So a couple weeks later we had to go back in and get another ultrasound.  Pregnancy is so good to me.  I usually don't get too sick which is so nice especially when you know you have to chase a toddler around everywhere!
My last month of pregnancy went super quick.  David and I both started working full time and it was very rough work, but it was fun also!
July 16th came and we headed up to Provo to stay with Nikki for the night, because I was getting induced at 6:30 the next morning.  I didn't sleep for a couple of reasons.  Number one, I was having a baby in a few hours, and number two it was the first night I had ever left Kennedy over night, so I was worried with how she was doing.  We left her with my parents so I wasn't really too worried.
The time came and we headed to the hospital.  We got all checked in which seemed like it took forever.  The nurses took us back to our room #21 and we got situated. They hooked me up to the pitocen and we got things going.  By the time I was all hooked up it was probably 7:30.  Right from the beginning my nurse told me that the hospital was very busy and that if I wanted an epidural then I needed to get one sooner rather than later.  I waited until around 11:30 and I finally got it.  After that things got real and about 20 minutes later I was pushing.  My parents had planned on getting there before I had Addi, but they didn't make it.  Addi came at 11:55 am after only 10 minutes of pushing.
My labor with her with went sooo much better than it did with Kennedy and it went so much faster!

Addilee Mae Allred was 7lbs 2oz and was 20.5 inches long.  She was born with great lungs and she let us know it.  She is so beautiful and has big blue eyes and a tint of red hair.  She is loved by everyone but especially by her big sister.  Kennedy is so good to her and she loves to make her smile! I love my two girls and am so blessed to have them!