Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Man married life is sure amazing!! I can't believe its already been a little over a month since I have been Mrs. allred! I'm finally getting used to signing my name as Megan Allred rather than Clark! Its so strange but I love it so much!! I have the best husband ever! He takes  such great care of me and I could never ask for anyone better!! We can both be totally goofy together and just laugh all night! Its the best having someone around who is so much like you!! We got our wedding day pictures back and oh my goodness they are gorgeous! I love every single one! I cannot wait until we have our own place! Ya that means paying bills and everything but I honestly cannot wait! Its been stressful trying to find somewhere while David is at work. Were going to make our final decision this weekend when we go to Utah for my cousin Jennifer's baptism.  I can't believe she is already 8 years old! Man where has time gone! It seems like just yesterday I was baptized! Anyways these past couple of weeks we have had my little brother Kayden staying with us.  It has been a great experience for us all. It has taught me to have alot of patience and understanding.  He is the type of kid that has to always be busy doing something and I'm still not completely comfortable just doing my own things here so trying to find things for him also is kind of a difficult task, but we have managed! We have done some pretty fun things.  We went up the mountain a couple days ago and we hiked up to a really pretty waterfall, and we roasted marshmallows and hotdogs.  It was alot of fun! We also went to the Powell Aquatic Center and went swimming.  It has this cool little place where you hold onto a rope ladder thing above your head while you walk across moving lilly pads.  It was way fun and alot of hard work! We were all pretty sore afterwards.  Especially our poor hands.  We also have had a fun time just chilling around the house and enjoying each others company!!! It has given me things to do with David being gone all day!  Its going to be so weird not having him here while David is at work, but its all good, i need to start packing stuff up anyways.


I'm truly grateful for my amazing family! They have done so much for me and have supported me so much through out my life that I can never thank them enough!! I dont think I could have ever landed in a more amazing family! Now that I get to start my own family out I hope I can raise my children like my parents raised us! Thanks to everyone for all their love and support! And most importantly thanks for helping me on my way to a great and happy life!!