Sunday, September 9, 2012

Seven wonderful months!

Man I can't believe I am already almost seven months pregnant! They have really been amazing I have loved every second of carrying this little miracle! Everyone keeps telling me to just wait until I'm nine months pregnant, to tell you the truth I honestly cannot wait! I know it will be hard going up and down the stairs of my apartment, and walking to and from class all over UVU's campus, but I cant wait! I'm so excited to be able to hold my little girl in my arms for that very first time! I cant wait to bring her home and show her off to everyone in the ward! These months have gone so fast I can't even believe it! I have loved watching my belly grow and get bigger! I have also loved watching all my baby's kicks and hiccups! Being pregnant is such a remarkable experience! But having our little girl will be an even more phenomenal experience!
Life has been pretty amazing here! We moved back from Wyoming a couple weeks ago.  We spent a week at my house in Ephraim just hanging out with my family.  We then spent a couple weeks living with Jordan and Jill ( Davy's cousins) since they were wonderful enough to let us stay there since we were homeless for a couple days.  For labor day weekend we went camping up Manti canyon for three days! It was a great trip and so relaxing! I love camping in the mountains and just being able to spend time with family! Davy was sick the first night which was really hard for me because I wanted to be home taking care of him but I also wanted to be camping.  He finally made me go up the mountain and I came and got him the next morning when he was better.  The trip was amazing and I loved it all especially when he came up! On Wednesday Sept. 5, we got to move into our apartment! Its a little smaller but there is so much storage space, which is something we need lots of right now where we have so much baby stuff! Its so nice being in our own place again!
I'm so excited for this new chapter in our lives, and I know it will be here before we know it! Thanks everyone for your love and support and all you have done for us!