Tuesday, May 26, 2015

10 months!

Alright I know I am way late with this, and its kind of pathetic because I really don't have any excuses.  But my little Addi is growing up way too fast! She is already 10 months old and I don't think it is okay. I honestly don't even believe it!

She crawls all over the place and has done so for a few months now.
She pulls herself up to just about anything.
When she is standing she loves to dance, or do the little booty wiggle.
She just learned how to say hi, and bye bye.
She waves by moving her fingers and it is the cutest ever.
Just within the last couple of weeks she has gotten 1 bottom tooth and 4 top teeth.
She absolutely adores her sissy.  She can even say sissy.  Every morning when Addilee wakes up she looks for her sissy.  The moment she sees Kennedy she gets so excited and crawls over to her as fast as she can.  I love the bond they share with each other.
She loves just about any kind of food!
She loves blowing raspberries on any piece of bare skin she can find.

Addi is just an overall great baby!! She is happy most of the time, and a big time mammas girl! She loves to cuddle and get into just about anything and everything! She loves to explore and she what kind of trouble she can get in.  She adores her big sister and would do just about anything to please her.  She is a big time drama queen and makes sure everyone knows it!

We love you Addi Mae don't grow up too fast!