Sunday, November 4, 2012

Dear Kennedy

As I'm nearing the end of my pregnancy and I'm getting more and more anxious I decided I would write a little letter to my baby girl expressing how life was before she got here and how things are going.  So here it goes;
My dear sweet Kennedy,
I don't even know where to start! These past eight and a half months have gone so quickly that I cant even imagine how fast the next eight years will go! We have been so anxious to meet you and see who you look like and see what your personality is! You already do have a fun exciting personality as it is, I cant wait to see it in person.  You already love your daddy so much! You always seem to get super excited whenever he talks to you or when he rubs my belly, its like you can just tell when he is around! I think you do that just to make him fall in love with you even more and to wrap him around your little fingers even tighter! We sure love you and we sure cant wait until your arrival.  Its only two and a half more weeks until my due date, but we are so hoping that you will get here a little earlier.  We got to see you the other day in an ultrasound and you were stubborn like always.  We wanted to see your adorable little face but you had your hands in the way.  Its alright though because we will see you soon.  The doctor said you will be a little on the bigger side which makes mommy slightly nervous, but I know it won't be too bad I just want you here.
What do I want from you? Kennedy you will be our oldest child, which means we will need you to be a great example to your siblings.  You will also be the oldest cousin on mommy's side of the family, which means you will have the responsibility to be an example to all your cousins also! I know thats a lot of responsibility but I have no doubt you will be completely capable of that.  Your daddy and I will try and teach you everything you need to know but I know that you will also teach us so much! We want you to try new things and be an outgoing girl! We want you to be a friend to everyone and to always do your best! When the time comes for you to get married we want you to get married in the temple for time and all eternity! Eternal marriage is one of the greatest gifts you could ever imagine! There isn't anything that could ever compare to going through the temple with your spouse, knowing that you will be with your family for eternity! You may never know the importance of temple marriage until you experience it for yourself.  Never let your standards drop for anything! Always be strong in your decisions and keep the Lord on your side ALWAYS!! Kennedy you are our amazing little girl that is already a miracle for us! You have been one of our greatest blessings and I know you will have so much potential! You are all we seem to talk about and all we seem to have on our minds! Everyone is so anxious for your arrival! Now that your Cousin (no name) Ranee's baby was born today, I have been even more anxious than ever!! I'm so ready for you to come and make your amazing appearance! We love you baby girl, keep growing strong and come soon!!
Love always,
Mommy and Daddy!!