Friday, April 11, 2014

Life... Where does it go from here?

As I'm sitting here trying to stall from packing, I have a million thoughts running through my mind like a herd of wild elephants.  They are so scattered that I don't even know where to begin, much like my house at this point in time.
We live our lives knowing that we are going to be going to school for quite a few years, at least 12, and that's just what we are expecting.  Then some of us choose to go to college and some don't.  You think, or at least I did that once you are done with school your career would just pop up and you know what you are going to do with your life.  Well my friends I'm afraid to tell you that although you have been planning what you are going to do pretty much ever since you have been married, things can change on a whim.  We are moving out of Provo tomorrow and honestly don't really know what is going to come next.  We know that we are going to move in with my parents until we get on our feet, We know that we are going to have a baby in July, and we know that God has a plan for us.  But other than that we don't really KNOW very much more.
God does hear us I know this because the other night Davy and I were contemplating what we were going to do with our lives and how we were going to do it, we decided to read a passage of scriptures and it happened to be one that put us in our place.  It said something along the lines of we need let Him tell us what is right instead of us telling Him what is right.  It was amazing that He let us know that he was still in control.
I still wish I knew what we were going to do, and where we were going to live.  I wish I could see the future and know where we needed to start looking.  But I know this is one of the great times in life where God tries us and wants us to succeed.  I know that He has a plan and He will reveal it unto us when the time is right.  I know that although it takes patience and a lot of communication with each other and our Father, we will understand His will and know that, that is where we need to be.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Walk Tall, You're a Daughter of God

Lately I have had a few tender moments with little Kennedy.  She is growing up way too fast and it seems like time is just speeding up.  She is getting smarter and smarter.  The other day we were in church and David and I have been trying to teach her what each thing in the sacrament means, for example the bread represents Jesus's body and the water is for his blood.  We also teach her what the sacrament is for.  Anyways on Sunday, just out of curiosity I asked Kennedy what the bread was for, she then responded back with the word "body" I couldn't believe it.  She really had been listening and she actually did know.  Then as the water was coming around I proceeded to ask her what the water was for, she replied with "Jesus".  These little spirits are surely gifts from God.  
Tonight I was singing her some songs to try and get her to settle down for the night.  Its been rough getting her to sleep lately because she is getting 3 teeth and now has a stuffed up nose.  Anyways I came upon the song "Walk Tall Your A Daughter" and I decided to sing that to her.  She had her eyes glued on me the entire time I was singing it, and when I finished she asked me to sing it again.  This song hit me really hard tonight because I was really thinking about the words.  

Right now I have a prayer deep within my heart,
A prayer for each of you there is a special part.
That you remember who you are and Him who lives above.
Please seek for Him and live His way; you’ll feel His love.
Walk tall, you’re a daughter, a child of God.
Be strong—please remember who you are.
Try to understand, You’re part of His great plan.
He’s closer than you know—reach up, He’ll take your hand.
2. Long before the time you can remember,
Our Father held you in His arms so tender.
Those loving arms released you as He sent you down to earth.
He said, “My child, I love you. Don’t forget your great worth.”
3. This life on earth we knew would not be easy.
At times we lose our way—His plan we may not see.
But please remember always—please—that you are not alone.
He’ll take your hand. He loves you! He will guide you home.

I love the Chorus because it talks about the fact that we always need to be looking towards Him.  If we seek Him, He will be there for us! We just need to reach up and take His hand and he will hold ours back.  In the second verse it says that His arms released you and sent you down to earth.  This part really hit home because He sent Kennedy down to me! He trusted me with her and trusted that I would take care of her the way she needs.  He also entrusted me with another sweet spirit that will join us in three and a half short months.  
When I think of this great responsibility and the great trust the Lord has in me as a mother, it makes me want to try that much harder to spend every little bit of my time with these sweet spirits.  Although He has sent them to me, I know that so many times he has his arms encircled around me too comforting me and helping me to do the things I need to do to help these little ones return to Him.  "My child, I love you.  DON'T FORGET YOUR GREAT WORTH!! This sentence has so much meaning behind it! In the world we live in today, everyone is trying to tell us we aren't good enough.  We aren't pretty enough, we aren't skinny enough we just aren't enough.  But we are, We are good enough, each and every one of us! I need to help my girls understand that they are always good enough! And the best way for me to do that is to tell myself that I am good enough! As the last sentence states, We need to always remember that we are never ever alone!! He truly loves us and will never leave us.  We just need to take His hand and let Him lead us home! 
I know this post was kind of a random one but I needed to get my thoughts out.  As I am preparing to raise two young girls in this world, I need to gain the confidence in myself so that I can show my daughters how to have confidence.  Because after all that is one thing that will get them through.  Knowing who they truly are and what they stand for will help them to overcome the world!