Saturday, December 28, 2013

I guess its probably time!

Man I have been slacking so badly I haven't written on this blog forever! A LOT has happened since I last wrote.  Some of those things are, Kennedy's first Birthday, Finding out we are expecting, Christmas, and so much more.
Kennedy has grown into such an adorable little girl! She has so much personality and spunk, she has so many different facial expressions and knows quite a few words.  She can say, mamma, dadda, bubba, gaga, papa duck, quack, baaa, woof, hi, bye bye and a few others that I can't think of right now.  Kennedy loves just about everyone and is such a blessing in our lives.  She brings so much happiness and joy into our lives and the lives of so many other people.  Kennedy started crawling on the 4th of July.  She started out with a little army crawl and then started crawling regular.  She is also walking now, She started walking a couple days before her first birthday.  Now she is into everything and is all over the place.
Some of her favorite things are baths, spaghetti, swimming, playing with her uncle bubba, reading books, watching mickey mouse clubhouse,  being with family, swinging at the park, cheese and crackers, goldfish, other kids, babies, and being happy and smiley!
In June I started a job as  a waitress at Tucanos, which was a lot of fun! I met a lot of really neat people and I worked with so many people.  Although this was a really tough thing for me to do.  Leaving my baby for long periods of the day was so hard! I missed out on a lot of things and I felt like I didn't get to see her grow up. There were sometimes that I would work from the time that she woke up which was around 10:30 until she went to bed, so I wouldn't get to see her very much.  That was honestly so hard! Then once August came around I started school and was still working at least 20 hours a week.  It became very stressful and I felt like I didn't have much time to spend with my family.  I came home exhausted and overworked.  I took every second that I had with my family as a huge blessing.  I made it out of school and passed all my classes, I also quit my job at Tucanos and now i'm a free woman! It has been amazing spending so much time with Kennedy and Davy that I don't even know what to do with myself.  One of the main reasons I quit my job was because of the baby inside my tummy.  It was getting too much and I wasn't able to carry all those heavy trays anymore so I felt like that was my best option.
Christmas this year has been spent in Wyoming with Davids family.  It has been a lot of fun.  We had an early Christmas with my family which was great! My parents gave Kennedy a super cute Rocking Giraffe which she loves. She also got a little computer thing from Davids parents which she also loves!   I got a sewing machine and davy and I got a really nice comforter set, a skillet, some nice mixing bowls (finally), a kitchen aid mixer and a nice mattress pad for our bed.  We also got some gift cards and food storage stuff.  It was a great Christmas and I couldn't have asked for better family!
Earlier this year my Grandma Clark passed away, which was a real shocker! I wasn't expecting it because it came on so quick.  The best part of it all is that my dad got to be with all his siblings at the same time, which hasn't happened in FOREVER! It was a sad yet happy reunion for them.  She will be greatly missed and things are still so hard not having any grandma's.
We need to end on a couple of positive notes.  My dad is now the first counselor in the Bishopric which was a huge surprise for everyone! and he also got the opportunity to head back to New Jersey to get some treatments done on his eyes.  He has seen quite a bit of improvement, which means he will be going back the first part of January to get more treatments which hopefully will make him improve even more!
Well this is our year in a nutshell.  I will try and get on more often and recap a few more things that have happened but in the meantime enjoy a picture overload!