Sunday, August 29, 2010


Wow! Its been a while since I have been on here, and must I say alot has happened. So far we have had five games.  The first one was not so pretty so we are just gonna pretend like it never happened and move onto the second one.  Our second game went pretty good we played against the University of Great Falls.  They were a really good team and had alot of great passes and great tactics.  We lost to them 3-0.  It was a fun energetic game and it helped us to know that we needed to get our heads out and play college soccer!  Our next game in Salt lake also went pretty good.  We played a great game and  learned alot of great lessons.  I learned that if you actually want to play in a game then tell your family not to come, because this is the one game that my family could come to and I played maybe ten minutes! I was very frustrated at this time, especially since I worked my butt off the practice before.  But oh well it wasn't worth the complaining over.  Now that i'm sorta caught up ill talk about our two games in Kansas.  Let me just start out by saying, HOLY LONG BUS RIDE!!! We were on the bus for over 15 hours for the way there then the same on the way back.  Our first game against Kansas went great!! We won 3-0 and played really well!! Coach was very proud of us! I was glad I at least got to play the last ten minutes, along with Jessica (the only other mormon playing soccer at this school).  Then the next day at two was supposed to be our second game but when we arrived there were no refs alligned out so we waited for an hour and fourty minutes until we finally had two show up.  It was so windy by the time we played and it was on turf so the ball would just roll for miles!  It was so insane, to watch them play soccer! This game ended in a tie after double over time.  It was a very slow paced game, and yet again me and Jessica the only two girls on the team who actually have morals, sat the bench.  It pretty much sucked because we were the only two sitting there! I'm starting to wonder if this is going to become a trend.  Anyways Soccer has been good for the most part I guess.  Other than every time I walk on the field the goalie from my team criticizes me from the time I walk on till the time I walk off.  The very first thing she said to me on our second game we ever played was: Great why the heck is she playing, she cant play for the life for her, she really should just give up on this game and find something else to do.  Then her best friend said, "oh I know, its ok Ill make sure her person is always marked since she wont do it!" That is one thing that really affected me and it made me want to just call it quits, but I didn't I held in there and tried harder the next time, only to be just as discouraged and humiliated the next game.  I never thought I was a Great soccer player but I didn't think I was completely Awful.  I guess we all get a little cocky at times and this was just my reality check for the time. 

Well I don't know if i'm gonna be here much longer but I guess if I am then I have to learn to stick up for myself and stick up for what I believe! Its already been a long journey and I'm trying to make the best of it.  Eventually it will simmer down and I'll be able to focus, but as for right now I'm just the laughing stock of the team. 

I'm gonna end with this quote that has been helping me get through: "All of us are born for a reason, but all of us don't discover why.  Success in life has nothing to do with what you gain in life or accomplish for yourself.  It's what you do for others.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

first week of college soccer

Let me just start out by saying this: If you love being with your family and friends then moving three states away is not recommended.  This has been the hardest thing I have had to do yet.  Its been so difficult for me to gain the concept of it all. Soccer has been amazing and its been a great experience but it has been so hard on me emotionally.  I was actually doing pretty good until today when I thought about all the great sunday dinners with my family.  I guess i took advantage of that too much because now that they are gone I'm really missing it.  I took a lot of things for grantid because now that I dont have them I am really beginning to wish I did.  Like my own room for insance, I had privacy and was able to do anything I wanted and now I have to share a room with someone I dont really know.  She doesnt like the same things I do and it makes it really really tough.  Another thing I took for grantid was the occasional dates I got with Colton or just being able to say hey I'm coming down for the weekend.  Now I cant do that anymore and Its really tough.  Or the simple little kisses on the cheeks I gave to my parents every night before bed.  Or the sweet soft wispers of I love you's from Kayden.  It has been really rough. 

Alright enough of my sob story.  Soccer so far has been pretty good.  The day we arrived we went to the soccer field and got right down to business.  We ran a couple laps then started with our ball tactics.  It was actually quite fun.  We got to know some different things about our team members and just have a great time.  The second day we weren't quite as lucky.  We woke up and had practice at nine and it wasn't the easiest thing ever it also wasn't too hard.  We had to do a bunch of obsticals, such as: ladders, push-ups, burpies, sit-ups, tires, a mile run, and a few other things.  We were busy for a little over two hours.  Then we went to lunch and at three we had soccer practice where we worked on tactics.  Thursday was probably the hardest day for me because we had to run 4.5 miles in the heat of the day.  That was for sure a killer for me and many of the other girls.  It was so insane.  Then we had the same afternoon practice.  Friday was much like wednesday was, obsticals in the morning and tactics in the afternoon.  Its been a pretty good adventure just very stressful and rough on the emotional level.  On top of all this I pulled my hamstring pretty good the first day which was a pain! I had to get a shock treatment done on it to make the muscle stronger which kinda hurt but it felt alot better once it was done!

Anyways this has been my first week in Wyoming and i'm hoping and praying that it will get better! I'll keep you all updated!

Love always Megan