Monday, June 20, 2016


Alright now that I have internet in our home I can finally write Kyle's birth story.  Although its not much different from many other birth stories I still need to write it down so I remember. 

We went to the hospital on June 6, 2016 at 7 am.  We checked in and walked down to our room.  By about 8 I was all hooked up to pitocin and was starting to contract just a little bit. My family didn't want to miss this one so there were all there around 8:30.  My parents brought the girls down and took care of them that entire day! When the girls got there they were fascinated by everything that was going on.  They loved to look at my IV. So I explained it to them and told them it gave me medicine so I could have baby Kyle.  Kennedy then asked if it gave me attitude also and I said yeah I guess in a way it does. (because they wouldn't want to be in there once things started progressing because I might not be super nice.) Kennedy also loved to listen to the heart monitor that was attached to my belly. 

The Anesthesiologist came in and told me his schedule.  He said that he had a surgery he had to be in at 11:30 so he asked if I wanted him to just put the epidural in right then but not turn it on until I needed it. I agreed that was probably the best so that is what he did.  My contractions were getting stronger but still not very bad.  My nurse came in and turned the Pit up all the way, and once she did that I figured that I would cruise and the baby would be here before noon.  Well that came and went and my contractions just completely stopped.  I was really bummed and thought I would be getting sent home.  I just wasn't progressing like I should have and the pit just wasn't working.  I was getting nervous and worried about what was going to happen to me.  My mom had been sent home before so I thought for sure that would happen to me.  
Around 2:00 my dr. came in and checked me and decided that I was at a 5, which meant I could have my waters broke.  A sigh of relief came over me and I knew that after he broke my water that I couldn't go home.  Well shortly after he did this, the contractions started coming.  Every one of them became just a little stronger and a little longer.  The nurse came in and asked if I was ready for the Anesthesiologist to come in and turn on my epidural, I said they weren't quite that strong yet, but probably in the next 15 minutes I would be ready.  Well that 15 mins came, and oh boy was I ready to get that medicine! Well come to find out he was in another surgery and I would have to wait. During this time, Kennedy was very concerned with how I was feeling.  Whenever she is getting a shot or something painful that she is going through, We ask her if she wants to hold our hand to make her feel better, so what does she do? She comes up to me hands me her hand and says, "mommy do you need to hold my hand to make you feel better?" Little kids are seriously so amazing they always know how to help in the very best way.   The contractions were very strong now, so much so that my family all went out into the waiting room because they didn't want the girls seeing me in pain.  After about an hour of very intense very strong contractions the Anesthesiologist was done with surgery and was ready to come turn on my epidural.  That took about 15 minutes, so it was now about 3:30.  For some reason when I get epidural's it only works for one side.  So while my left side is completely numb my right side has almost full feeling.  It sure makes for crazy sensations.  About 3:45 my nurse Mary decided she would check me.  She said I was about a 7 so she said we still had a little while.  My nurse said that she didn't get to see too many births because she was always the morning shift so most of the time the women didn't have their babies early enough.  So when I first got there I told her that she would get to help with my birth.  She still didn't think it would happen as we only had until 6:30.  I told her it still would.  We were also competing with a girl in the room next to us.  We were both super close to having our babies that the nurses were in a competition. 
Well my nurse left the room and said she was going to go get stuff to drain my bladder before I had the baby.  So she left the room and I just relaxed for a bit because I was pretty exhausted.  At about 4, only 15 minutes later I told David that he needed to go get the nurse because I thought the baby was down and ready to come out.  The nurse made her way down and decided to check me even though she just did no more than 15 minutes before and I was only a 7.  She really didn't think I was even close to being ready, but she decided that maybe she should check me just in case.  She was very surprised when the babies head was right there and he indeed was ready to come! She immediately went and called the Dr and told him he needed to get over there right away! 
The Dr came rushing over and started slowly getting things ready, thinking he still had plenty of time.  He then decided he would also check me just to make sure the nurse was really accurate.  So he checked me and decided that he needed to hurry quite a bit faster as the baby's head was right there.  He kept telling me to not push and to hold him in there.  With every contraction I could feel him coming down just a little bit more.  The dr. got himself dressed and relied on the nurse to get everything else ready because he just didn't have time.   
Two and a half pushes later and Kyle David Allred made his way into the world at 4:16pm (16:16) So his birthday is 6-6-16 and he was born at 16:16.  What a great birthday! He weighed 8lbs 2oz and was 21 inches long.  We are completely smitten with him and love him to death.  David had a hard time with this birth as in he almost passed out, because I actually ended up hemorrhaging and it made David sick seeing all that blood.  I ended up getting a shot to get my blood to clot better and that helped pretty quickly.  That definitely made recovering a little more difficult because I got some pretty severe headaches that weren't very fun. 
He has the greatest big sisters that just love him to death and can't get enough of him.  We love to cuddle him and watch all his facial expressions.  
I think I got everything, but I may end up adding to it later.  Sorry for the picture overload!

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